A place to rejuvenate your body & transform your mind

We are a spa at the beach, offering massage and bodywork therapies, skincare, and health and lifestyle coaching. 

Massage & Bodywork





The Benefits

In a world where we are easily disconnected from one another, it’s easy to forget the huge potential of benefits that come with massage and other physical care methods, such as facials, etc. 

The Human Touch

Physical touch increases oxytocin, known as the “feel good” hormone, it helps inspire positive thinking and an optimistic outlook on the world. Oxytocin also  generates feelings of compassion during interactions. This can also contribute to an expansion of trust with others. Dopamine is also increased, which can lead to stress and anxiety relief. 

The Skin You Are In

Skincare treatment provides many benefits such as improved texture, brightness, and appearance, however these benefits go much deeper than the skin. Facial massage activates your sympathetic nervous system, potentially reducing your anxiety levels and improving your mood. There are also hundreds of pressure points on your face that when massaged have a positive impact on organs and other vital systems. 

Love Your Self

Self care may seem like the easy thing to move to the bottom of the priority list, however when we make the choice to love on us, it’s amazing how the rest of our priorities are so much easier to accomplish and with so much more intention. When we fill ourselves up we have more to give to our family, friends, work associates, and the world. 

Changing the frequency of thought, alttering the harmonics of matter, and applying the element of love to create a desired result.