After a long week of working hard, your body needs to wind down and de-stress. You can achieve this by visiting a spa and getting a massage. Aside from musculoskeletal benefits, there are several other advantages to this, such as nervous system relaxation, lymphatic detox, and more. Read on for more information about these full-body massage benefits.

Relaxes Your Nervous System

One of the benefits of getting a full body massage is it relaxes your nervous system which is in charge of your breathing, thinking, and emotions. The kneading and rubbing motions your body receives from massages promote “happy hormones-like” endorphins. When these chemicals are released, your stress levels are reduced, pain is relieved, and your overall mood is improved.

Relieves Musculoskeletal Pain and Tight Muscles

A full-body massage also helps with musculoskeletal pain. If you experience stiffness, backaches, and tight muscles, getting a massage will loosen these up and help you with your mobility.

Also, getting a full massage service will allow and enable your muscles to contract and relax better. When this happens, fresh blood will be able to circulate better throughout your body. This ensures a continuous flow of oxygen throughout your body and it also aids different organs to function well.

Releases Swelling in Your Lymphatic System

There are specific types of full body massages, such as lymphatic drainage, that help relieve swelling in your lymphatic system. During these types of massages, a massage therapist will use movements that slowly move lymph toward the lymph nodes. This helps your body eliminate toxins quickly.

Lymphatic drainage can also help with fluid retention. If you have any part of your body that is swollen up, this type of massage can help in relieving it.

Get a Full Body Massage at Alchemy Wellness Spa

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